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Wildfire 2017
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – Wildfire 2017

By The Moshville Times / Photo by © Gary Cooper
Oliver/Dawson Saxon is a set a lot of people are looking forward to and understandably so.
Featuring ex-Saxon men Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, they turn in a great performance featuring every Saxon staple you can think of like “Denim and Leather”, “747 (Strangers in the Night)” and “Dallas 1PM” before closing the night out with “And the Bands Played On”. People are on a high watching the set and rightly so.

Fists are pumping, people are jumping as part of NWOBHM’s DNA is laid bare tonight and much of the crowd get to relive their youth. There’s grins all around and for the band who put in an incredibly polished performance, it’s well-earned.

Dreadnought Bathgate
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – Dreadnought 2017. Photos by Alan Maitland

Oliver / Dawson Saxon – Dreadnought 2017. Photos by Alan Maitland
Photos by Alan Maitland
BroFest Newcastle

By Mick Burgess
No other band over the weekend had the back catalogue of bonafide hits and classics as Oliver/Dawson Saxon – neatly side stepping the tight one hour timeslot for their set by bludgeoning their way through the curfew to deliver a crowd pleasing set of big hits and classic rarities for the hardcore fans. How could a set featuring gold plated classics Dallas 1pm, Princess of the Night, 747 (Strangers in the Night) and Wheels of Steel possibly fail?

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> Photos by Mick and Rebecca Burgess

Oliver / Dawson Saxon – BroFest 2017
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – BroFest 2017
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – BroFest 2017
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – BroFest 2017
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – BroFest 2017
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – BroFest 2017

Oliver / Dawson Saxon – Giants of Rock
Oliver / Dawson Saxon – Giants of Rock
Giants of Rock Minehead

To round off Saturday we had a non-stop run-through of Saxon classics by Oliver Dawson Saxon. Original Saxon members, Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, have been touring their alternative version of the Barnsley NWOBHM heroes for twenty years now and, impressed as I am with Biff Byford’s continuing version of the original Saxon, Oliver and Dawson do also offer something brilliantly entertaining.

Oliver / Dawson Saxon – Giants of Rock

Lead singer, Bri Shaughnessy is a powerful vocalist and a charismatic front-man in his own right and he has absolutely made what might have been a difficult role his own. And as you can never really have too many crowd sing-alongs to classics like Denim And Leather, 747 (Strangers In The Night) and Wheels Of Steel, the fact that there is not just one but two bands out on the road doing this is a bonus in my view

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TitanFest 2016

The Dome, Tufnell Park London

Oliver/Dawson Saxon ~ Bri on stage at TitanfestMetal Talk Review by Steve Golby

…ODS provide an opportunity to witness Saxon songs being played live more often, and played extremely well, which you don't need us to tell you can only be a good thing.

What was particularly memorable about this performance, apart from the superb renditions of 'Crusader', 'Motorcycle Man', Dallas 1PM', 'Denim And Leather', '747 (Strangers In The Night)' and more, was standing down at the front next to two fifteen-year-old lads, one Asian and one Caribbean, both clad in denim with all the patches, singing along, word perfect, to every song. It did indeed bring us all together.

Oliver Dawson Saxon most definitely have a place in today's Metal scene… you can't get enough Saxon and here's your chance to see two of the originals in all their glory and who can argue with that?

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Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal
Crazy Nights with Bumblefoot

The boys joined ex. Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal for two of his UK dates, here's a review of the show...

"If you do not know this band consists of guitarist and former/founder member of the mighty Saxon Graham Oliver alongside bassist and another former founder member of Saxon Steve Dawson so it was Saxon classics all the way with some great interaction with the crowd by front-man ‘Brian Shaughnessy’ who delivered one liners and puns like a pro as well as delivering an almighty list which included ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’, Denim and Leather’, ‘Crusader’ ‘Dallas 1 pm’ brought an almighty cheer as the ever increasing crowd were treated to one classic Saxon hit after the other which had everyone buzzing chanting and singing along almost like an additional member of the band. If there is a downside it was their stage time was just not enough as we headed into ‘747 Strangers In The Night’ ‘Motorcycle Man’ and set closer which brought perhaps the biggest cheer ‘Wheels Of Steel’ with everyone jumping and singing along it would be a hard task for Bumblefoot to follow these guys on stage."

We Rock Webzine ~ Read the full review HERE
Oliver / Dawson Saxon

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UK Dates with L.A. GUNS

L A GunsReview by Ross Welford, Uber Rock

Oliver/Dawson Saxon are up next and forgetting the politics and the obvious version 2.0 accusations, I was interested to see if this band could actually cut the mustard or were simply going the through the motions to pick up a few quid and, BANG, in an instant they answered my question.

The band played hard and with a ferocity that made you realise that Saxon were a force to be reckoned, no matter what era you speak of. Songs such as 'Motorcycle Man', 'Dallas 1PM' and '747 (Strangers In The Night)' are rock solid classics that when played this good just fuel the fire of fandom. Gav Coulson on guitar shreds like his life depends on it and surely needs to be pushed forward to grab some more of the spotlight, while singer Bri Shaughnessy is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with – a powerhouse of a vocalist – and with more choice tracks such as 'Denim And Leather' and the crowd singing 'Wheels Of Steel' at the top of their voices you cannot help but love this quintessentially British band and the dent that they made in rock history. Both Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson deserve to be part of that recognition and this band deserved the applause that came at the end of their set. Impressive.

Über Rock ~ Read the full review HERE

ODS play SlamFest

Oliver/Dawson Saxon ~ SlamFestReview by Louise Swift, Planet Mosh

Founding members of Saxon Graham Oliver and Steve ‘Dobby’ Dawson are playing the music they originally wrote, so you can’t really call this a Saxon tribute band. Saxon have always been Barnsley’s hardest rock export (coal is a mineral!). Oliver and Dawson have drafted in Bri Shaughnessy, on vocals, frontman of Seventh Son a band formed back in 1980.

They opened with Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsy and lots of powerful riffs to get the show off to a good start. There’s nothing like a bit of self promotion and Bri was wearing a Seventh Son t-shirt and black leather waistcoat. Despite being Barnsley born and bred I didn’t see Saxon until 2013, don’t think I’ve ever seen Seventh Son either, although I may well have rubbed shoulders with them in The Ring O Bells or The Portcullis!

Graham Oliver was pointing his guitar like a gun. The band all looked happy to playing on home turf! Bri even said ‘Great stuff nice to be back in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley’ and of course I understood the Barnsley accent! Strong Arm of the Law followed with people raising their own strong arms and clapping along. They sounded very like Saxon, Bri’s voice is not quite as high pitched as Biff’s but then his pants aren’t quite as tight either. He has a strong powerful voice and even managed to work Barnsley into the lyrics.

Gav Coulson on guitars was doing some fancy fret work flipping his hands over the fret. The song ended with Bri pointing his mic stand at audience before saying that there looked to be some very intelligent people ‘Bet you’ve all been to Technical College’ those us from Barnsley will know Barnsley Technical College well, in fact the original building is still there next to Barnsley Town Hall. A bit of the history of Barnsley for you (courtesy of my Dad). We then went back in Saxon’s history to 1979 and the song Denim and Leather which was dedicated to Lemmy before Bri said ‘Good luck to the reds tomorrow’ and he didn’t mean Man U!

Crusader and 747 followed. Bri then said the next one was about President Kennedy Dallas 1pm with Bri doing lots of gun shot actions with his hands and miming a gunshot to the head for the lyrics ‘life blown away’. Princess of the Night with some great riffage which reminded me of Metallica’s Seek and Destroy in places was next. Bri then took his waistcoast off  and left the stage whilst Graham Oliver did a riff laden guitar solo.

Bri came back now sporting a white jacket for the rocking Motorcycle Man then introduced us to the band before the popular title track from classic album Wheels of Steel  and Bri said ‘It’s your turn, I’m now just about knackered, not bad for 44’ (I assumed he meant for someone born in!) ‘I’m going to sing – she’s got, you sing wheels of steel.’ He hoped we could sing louder than London and Grimsby and added ‘Home town and all that, let’s go for a big finish! Thanks for coming you’ve been fantastic. Thank you’ I reckon we did sing louder but I wasn’t there so can’t confirm one way or other. The band went off briefly then Bri came back and asked ‘ Do you want one more’ and people shouted ‘Yeah’ - ‘And the Bands Played On‘– a great finish.

Planet Mosh ~ Read the full review HERE

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